Thursday, October 14, 2010

One More Garden Pumpkin, Pork Chops and Kale

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The last orange pumpkin from garden 2010 was picked today. The little guy was used for a batch of spaeztle. That should wrap things up nicely before my trip out east. I hope to see many more pumpkins and gorgeous Autumn colour there!

Here is the pumpkin, it is so cute and even has a dimple. I think it has a glowing orange colour.

The nice plate of Pumpkin Spaetzle, Pork Chops with Sherry Pan Sauce, Creamed Kale (from the garden.) All topped with caramelised onions.

I hope to find new food discoveries in New York state soon....Well, maybe new to me.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

More Pumpkins

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A larger pumpkin was plucked from the garden recently. Along with a few birdhouse gourds. The gourds were cleaned and sprayed with diluted bleach, then hung by string to dry and use next year hopefully!

The smallest orange-ish pumpkin is finishing up on the vine. There are many tiny ones trying to squeek by. Perhaps I will employ a few green pumpkin recipes soon? There some out there!

I harvested the seeds, roasted a portion, cubed a portion for fritters and made puree for ice cream out of the big 'un. The ice cream was spiced and was good with Port caramel and dark chocolate brownies. I didn't strain the puree of the pumpkin and like the texture of it in the ice cream. This is the recipe I used for the caramel:

The roasted portion will be made into a nice curry, and garnished with the fritters on top. I have to have it this time of year, like mulled cider. It is a must!

The broccoli and kale are doing great this year. A nice light frost could be a good thing, it adds flavour to these greens.

A free packet of seeds from the Ludlow Food Festival provided plenty of heat from the garden. I dried the chillis in a 180 deg oven overnight. Not bad for free! Maybe I will grind some down for cayenne power in my curry.