Saturday, January 22, 2011

Aberystwyth, Wales

Bora-Da - Hello!

"Aber*is*with" is my attempt to say the name of the Welsh sea town. I just keep asking myself who "Aber" is. I had a day trip there via train, 2 1/2 hours one way from Telford Central. A relaxing trip equiped with my tiny camcorder, camera, Ipod and a newspaper to sit back and enjoy the countryside.

A few more samples of the Welsh language. I noticed the place name on the bus right away. In case you can't see it clear enough the name is Pontrhydfendigrid.

Constitution Hill, known as Consti, the cliff railway was closed for the season. Saving that for another time.

The seaside! I walked the promenade, the piers feeling rejuvenated with every step.

Ceredigion Museum. This used to be a cinema and the artifacts are spread amoungst three tiers. Notice the Welsh Dresser.

A monument looking out to sea. Did I mention it was a bit cold? :-)

Some of the architecture.

A few quirky views around town....Figures the graffiti is of rebellious sheep.

The castle ruins. Most of my time was spent here. Glorious and sublime to see a castle overlooking the sea.

The castle was a Parlimentarian stronghold captured in the second English civil war. Captured in 1647, it was destroyed in 1649 to stop the Royalists takng over, it was blown up on the orders of Cromwell. It was used as a prison for 2 years after it's capture in 1647. In 1637 Charles I commissioned a royal mint at the castle which was moved to Shrewsbury in 1642 on the onset of the first civil war. This info came from Cliff the walking history book.

I had to have the food! Even though I had most of these before. Welsh Rarebit with Caerphilly cheese, I want to do my version again soon. A macaroon with a sort of Bakewell Tart quality and of course, Welshcakes. I also had the Welsh Dragon Sausage and Mash for tea, but sorry I didn't get a photo.

Nos Da- Good night!

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Short and Sweet Little Update With Pictures

I'm not being funny, but things are a bit busy at present. Christmas was full on and my trip is coming to an end. The good news is I have a new British baking book to go through and share when I reach my regular kitchen! I have new music and plenty of pictures to show!

All of the pictures will be in collage form this time, as it is easier with the system I am using at the moment. As always most of these pictures and usually more are on my Flickr page in individual, full size. These are clickable from the slideshow on the side.

Bridgnorth at night and in the day, low and high town (mostly high town.)

I saw my first panto. In this case Treasure Island. I got to shout "Behind you," and "Oh, yes he is" it was a hoot! ....And also, "A vast behind!," when a certain character bent over. LOL!

RAF Museum Cosford:

All the reports of snow in the news were very true....Here is some proof from Ironbridge:

As you can see, the river Severn was not navigable for a bit. Notice the shards of ice that broke and collected down stream. Not sure if the picture does the sight of it justice.