Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Copious Cherries Fairy Cakes

Here is my tribute to Red Nose Day.  Comic Relief - Do something funny for money.   This charity helps people in need in Britain and in Africa. 



I've been on a whiskey diet.....I've lost three days already.

I have my red nose t-shirts.  

                                          We all have a red conk.....

And now my red nosed treats.

Start with 200 grams of glace' cherries

Set 6 of the prettiest aside.

Chop the rest into medium pieces and roll in flour.

Fold into a basic vanilla cake batter.  Bake in 12 paper cups.

Cool completely.  Look at the copious amounts of cherries!

To make the goofy, red nose faces, use frosted cakes, 6 cherries cut in half and Catherine wheel licorice. 

Start pulling faces!