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Lye on a Piece of Pie- Pizza Pie

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I am feeling more comfortable using lye in cooking applications, thanks to my friend Lucie. I've made the rolls mentioned in the previous blog and even a few batches of pretzels. I long ago decided to brush some lye on pizza crusts and sprinkle with salt. My son complains if my pizza is served without it now! Lucie says that this sort of pizza has been done before now. I'm not surprised.

This pizza crust also has quinoa to enhance it through the taste buds and then the rest of a body too. The pizza below has chicken, but with the quinoa in the crust, it could be served as a healthy vegetarian alternative- still getting a complete protein.

Just use your favourite crust recipe and substitute some of the flour with quinoa flour. If you are on a gluten free diet, then substitute all of it.

I usually make individual pizzas. Whatever the form your pizza takes, make sure you use sheets that you don't mind getting marked up by the lye. It leaves it's mark every time, even through parchment paper!

Here is the formula for the lye once again:

The first ingredients are gloves on your hands and goggles on your eyes. Also, wear old clothes and/or an apron.

Reminder of an important rule:

Never add water to lye! Add lye to the water slowly!

0.5 liter cold water
20 g NaOH Sodium Hydroxide food grade
Makes a 4% lye mixture

Store in a well labeled jar. For the pizza crust, I pour some out in a glass bowl and use a silicon brush to paint it on the crust edge.

The toppings for last night's pizza:

*sun-dried tomato
*Mozzarella and Provolone cheese combo

This pizza is dedicated to Cliff, he loves my pesto pizza so much. :-)

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