Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Little Blog Update In The Garden

 A stroll through the garden via pictures.  Starting with a flower forest.


   Tomato Forest!

Hopping by......

Tomatillos, cukes, fennel and celery.

 Poblano peppers, pumpkin, habanero, and another poblano.

A "Thank You Pinerest" moment.  
           Cowboy Candy, or otherwise known as candied jalapeno.  
       The jalapenos are from the garden, of course.   
This has a thumbs up from Sean!  
They should be even better in a few weeks.

A bumper crop of Thai chilis.  We made some Thai green chili paste, adding kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and galangal.  We also left some on the plants to turn red, for the respective paste.  There are plenty of "babies" and flowers on the plants too.

Another thumbs up from Sean!

Returning soon with another Prosciutto di San Daniele idea.



I just had to add my all time favourite band, everytime a chili is mentioned........




  1. Looks great! So many tomatoes! Also, feel free to send a jar of green curry paste if you ever have extra!

  2. Well, I put the jars in the freezer. I didn't have all the equipment I needed for pressure canning. I will see want i can do for the next batches, so i can send some to you.