Sunday, March 10, 2013


We arrived by train to the Lime Street station. 

A taxi ride straight away to Albert docks.

A stroll around for a few hours, camera in hand.

Ferry cross the Mersey, well maybe not, but you get the idea.


A few symbols of Liverpool, the Liver bird, a stylised sea bird and....

 Super Lambanana, this was designed by an artist to convey that Liverpool was and is a goods port....wool and fruit being important products.

Food of Liverpool would have to be Lobscouse.  A stew made from lamb, or beef.  It just so happens we are having that in a slower cooker today.

While that cooks.....

Four lads that you may have heard of came from Liverpool!  We went on the Magical Mystery Tour and saw the relevant places of The Beatles.


Ringo's neighbourhood from the bus.

Beneath the blue suburban skies....

The street of George Harrison's home.  I can't turn portrait style images on the blog at the mo.  So you don't get a crick in your neck, you can see the house on my Flicker site.

Sir Paul McCartney's house.

John Lennon's house he shared with his Aunt Mimi.


....Nothing to get hung about.

The final stop was....

The Cavern Club (more images on my Flickr site)

A short walk back to the Lime street station a drink at the pub and away to home.  A good day out!

The lobscouse is finished.

lobscouse [ˈlɒbˌskaʊs]
(Cookery) a sailor's stew of meat, vegetables, and hardtack
[perhaps from dialect lob to boil + scouse, broth; compare loblolly]
This is probably where the name for people from Liverpool came from - Scouser/Scouse.




I have to put a Beatles song don't I?


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