Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Noosa Going To Like This

     Honey Yoghurt Panna Cotta w/ Cookie Crumbs

An easy dessert, served cold and no oven needed, making it great for a summertime treat.



Noosa yoghurt is made in Fort Collins, Colorado using a secret recipe from Noosa, Australia.  A quote from their website:

"We Aussies are famous for embracing other cultures, then adding our own little twist to make them our own. (It’s not “stealing,” it’s “being inspired.” There’s a difference!)
That’s exactly what we did with our Noosa Finest Yoghurt. We took a page from the Greeks (Ta, Greeks!) with their famously rich yoghurt. Ours is made in small batches, set, and infused with honey to give it that delicious sweet-tart tang, and smooth, velvety texture that sets us apart from the throng. We add just the right amount of fruit purees, made from the best the seasonal market has to offer, and pack it in clear tubs so you can see for yourself the lusciousness of what you’re about to enjoy."

I would like to start acknowledging local products.  Let us start with Noosa Yoghurt.

All the yoghurt cultures and a mild, creamy mouth feel.  They use local milk and honey in their products, which is great, right? It seems to me that this yoghurt is pretty popular here in Fort Collins. This recipe can be adapted using any of the flavours available, the sky is the limit!


For my recipe, and it can't be more simple....You will need 4 tubs of honey yoghurt. You don't need and added sweeteners, the yoghurt has just the right balance of sweetness.  Pour these out in a large bowl.

I grated in some tonka bean, or you can use vanilla/lemon zest.

Bloom then melt 4 small gelatin sheets and add to the yoghurt mixture.  Blend well.

Place in your moulds and set for several hours in the refrigerator.  I needed 6 moulds.

While they set, make some cookie crumbs.

When your dessert is set, turn out on a plate and baste the cookie crumbs over it.  I don't think anyone would mind if you drizzle a bit more honey.


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