Saturday, August 29, 2015

Welshman's Caviar Scallops With Green Grape and Mouli Pickles

If you want to bring even more flavour from sea to your dishes, try some Laver.  It is a Welsh favourite!  The main ingredient in Laverbread, or Bara Lawr.  

Here is the basic recipe for Laverbread.

A Welsh breakfast may consist of Laverbread with eggs, bacon and cockles.  Laver can also be folded into oatmeal.

Their are all sorts of seafood dishes that include Laver, such as Cawl Lafar.  Laver is also made into a sauce to go with lamb.  I have even had a cheese that had Laver throughout.

Laver contains many vitamins and is a good source of protein, iron and iodine.


Open up a jar of dried Laver and create your own dish.

For my creation, I started by lightly pickling green grapes and mouli (diakon radish) in a brine that contains mirin, honey, rice wine vinegar.  Heat this mixture until the honey is incorporated. Drop in mouli shavings and small diced green grapes.  Cool.


Sear the scallops, then place the pickles with the scallops on a plate.  Sprinkle with Welshman's Caviar.

Enjoy the mild sweet and sour of the pickles with the perfume like quality of the scallops and neighbour Laver.


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