Thursday, November 12, 2009

All The Fun Is At The Top....

Blackpool located in Lancashire, England is named for the pools of discoloured water in the Irish sea from water being discharged over a peat bog. Dublin across the way means the same thing "blackpool" in Irish Gaelic.

Blackpool tower opened in 1894 and is probably the most iconic seaside feature in Britian. In 1894 it was only 6 pence to enter. The tower is modeled after the Eiffel tower and reaches 158m (518ft 9 inches) providing excellent views. It is the home of a ballroom and a few episodes of Strictly Come Dancing were recorded here.

There are 3 piers on the Golden Mile. Each pier has it's share of amusement rides and games, treats, shops.

I saw several vintage looking trams running the golden mile.

My favourite part was strolling the beach, as the tide was out. All the interesting people along the way were entertaining. I saw all kinds of shells, birds and a common sight of donkeys used for riding the kiddies on the sand.

At night the attraction quickly becomes The Illuminations! Every year the switch-on is done by ceremony with celebs pulling the switch.

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  1. Wonderful photos, Marcie !
    Reminds me of the beaches we visit here.
    Ahhh I miss summer , already. :o)
    Have a great weekend !