Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Birmingham German Christmas Market

Birmingham, England is twinned with Frankfurt, Germany and they put on an annual Christmas market. The setting was in Victoria Square near New Street and The Bullring. I did think of you here Lucie.


Sweeties and Snacks

More Sweeties! These were tasty, Lucie do you have the German name of these yummy marshmallows?

What do these cookies say?

These were called German burgers, served with fried potatoes and mushrooms. Are German burgers authentic? What makes them different to other burgers? I didn't try this food,but was intrigued.

Sausages. This is what I tried, both kinds!

The mulled wine warmed me just before it started to snow. I got my own mug to bring back for a refill next year.

Pretty painted votive candle, it looks like cut clay and is my kept trinket.

I would never eat these due to the sprinkles on top (it's a texture thing), but they are too cute! I love hedgehogs ever since I saw one in a garden here in England.

The mad dash to get out of the weather and onto a train northbound.



  1. Marcie,
    Thank you for thinking of me!
    Your pictures are beautiful and I can almost smell all those different foods.
    I will try to answer a few questions, the rest has to wait until you are back.
    The marshmallows are called 'Mohrenkoepfe' and I just love those. My Mum always buys them when I go back for a visit. I might be able to get a recipe and we can try to make those if you are interested?
    There is a German burger. The difference is in the ingredients added to the ground meat. In the part of Germany I come from the burger is often served with potato salad, the kind you already know.
    I would have had the sausages too. Those are my favorites to eat at those markets with a warming mug of Gluehwein or maybe two...

    Merry Christmas to you!

  2. It all looks wonderful !

    Merry Christmas, Marcie !
    All the best to you and your family ! :o)

  3. Happy New Year, Marcie !!

  4. Thanks both of you, Lucie and Kathy.

    I will fix the image problem as soon as I can. You can see them on .Flickr by clicking on them for the time being

  5. Happy New Year to you Marcie!

    The cookies say 'All I Need Is You'
    Did you get one of the cookies?

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  7. I didn't get one of the cookies, was too busy stuffing my face with the yummy marshmallow-hahaha.

  8. Phew pics are fixed, I hope. Next blog coming soon.