Monday, January 4, 2010

Much More Wenlock

Dusting away frost off the blog, as it has been asleep since last year. This will be the first for 2010.

Another blog featuring Much Wenlock, it will not be the last. There will be at least one more, if not out of sequence blog about this little place (not to be confused with Little Wenlock. ;-)

Have a butchers at this! This butcher shop often has a queue and it trails down the sidewalk at times. I know people that trek in from Telford, or further afield to go here.

For those that don't know; like I didn't, Brawn is head cheese and Haslet is a herbed pork meatloaf. Haslet is often served cold with pickles, or as a butty. Some say it tastes like faggots. Brawn is like German Sülze and is served like a lunchmeat usually cold.

I saw a recipe for a pheasant and pickled walnut terrine and will be taking them up on this offer to make it soon! Hope pickled walnuts are still to be had this time of year....

New Years dinner consisted of carrots, beets, potatoes, fried leeks and venison steak with a port and cranberry sauce. Guess where I bought the venison....

A cute, wee wool shop. I always like the colours and textures projecting out of this place.

The tiny shop is hard to get around and the lady working there is all over the map....She does take the time to make sure you get the selection you want and are happy. All the projects around the store are inspiring.

This is the wool I will be using to make a few projects, don't know what yet.

The wool as the picture says is made in Wales and is hand-dyed in small batches. Doesn't it look yummy?

Watch this space!


  1. That New Years dinner sounds scrumptious!

    Miss you!

  2. I love doing some "Arm-chair" traveling via your blog, Marcy !
    As usual, wonderful photos and dialog. :o)
    Yum on the food photos !

    Happy New year, my friend !!