Monday, August 2, 2010

The Wanting Comes In Waves

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We are all over the place with interests these days! As well as the usual cooking, gardening and crafts....I have started machine sewing and hand embroidery (more on that later, I don't want to ruin certain people's prezzies). I'm better at the latter discipline. I would love to find some transfer patterns in the UK, thistles, hedgehogs, Jacobean, etc, etc, to embroider on tea towels and pillow cases. I guess the inspiration came from my great grandmothers handed down pillow cases. She did beautiful work! See!

I have made some clothes peg bags to hang on the line for easy dispensing while hanging clothes. While at the fabric store I stumbled on some fabric samples that were discontinued and cost 2 bucks. The samples come at just the right size and complete with a hanger. All that is needed; turn wrong side out, sew edges, punch a rectangular hole where you want it, turn right side to, hem the hole and decorate with buttons. On some of my later models I have found that folding down the top creates a four ply thickness that the hanger holds to very well and it looks more finished that way.

Around the garden, we have tassled corn. In fact, I can further update that ears are forming (pictures later). They are cute little things though with a tuft of silk coming out the top.

"Oh, what I wouldn't give for a plate of fried green tomatoes like we used to have at the cafe. Ooh!"

This mess of fried green tomatoes didn't come from Whistle Stop Cafe and are quite different and happened quite by what turned out to be a happy mistake. My potted patio tomato plant lost a branch. After I was done jumping up and down and saying choice words, I decided to make the old treat. The little green cherry tomatoes turn out very nice indeed, they have a sweet flavour to start and just a slight pull in the back of the cheek from tartness. They were cut in half and soaked in buttermilk only to be breaded with seasoned flour. Shake in a mesh sieve and fry. Salt with some sea salt and enjoy. You may not want to tear off whole branches of your poor plant though. I think I saw Idgie nodding in approval from behind a tree....

More flowers, because most everyone likes flowers. The marigold on the top is supposed to be green, not sure....Cait's wedding flower experiment.

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  1. MMMM Fried Green Tomatoes! I even have some buttermilk to use! Too bad the green tomato part might be a little tricky...