Monday, August 30, 2010

Easy Recipe!

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Harvesting the garden in late August. Everything blended together nicely and finished on the grill for a Sunday meal.

Harvested potatoes. These were planted in a composting bin and that worked out great! I will definitely plant the other bin I have with more next year, to double the crop. The potatoes are very flavourful!

Two of the large potatoes were used to make a potato dough for our pizza crust.

Freshly picked Roma tomatoes for the sauce. Caramelised garden onions and peppers topped our pizza with mozzarella blended with a local cheese from MouCo- Colorouge.

We had skewered courguettes, brushed with EVOO, salt and pepper and finish on the grill. These are good on their own eaten off the stick, or added to the top of the pizza.

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