Saturday, September 18, 2010

After-School Snack with a Kick

Here is another way to eat lobster.

I tried my hand at re-creating Sean's favourite sushi at Je Ju in downtown Fort Collins- High Stroll Roll. I can report that he highly approved and he is a tough customer. Sean, my youngest strolled in from school to a special treat. This roll has lobster in the centre of the roll, a piece of tuna (I seared mine this time), and a nice slice of garden jalapeno on top. The jalapenos are still tumbling out of the garden, with probably a short time left for them with autumn knocking at the door. This roll is finished with a very gingery, garlicy sauce and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. How is that for a after-school snack?

Ryan my middle child loves fishing and brought us some fish to use for dinner recently. He is trying to get in as much fishing as he can until the season is over. If he isn't at college, work or playing his guitar, he is fishing. I made Ryan's fish into a sort of Fish Almondine. The almonds however were honey/chipotle coated. So, I crushed the almonds and added them to panko and flour. I prepared some brown butter and lemon and had it ready to pour over the top of the fried fish. Sprinkle more crushed almonds to finish. If you are wondering what sort of fish it is, it was Crappie. I wouldn't dare put that name in the title of my dish, some may not know how to pronounce it. ;-)

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