Monday, September 13, 2010

Spaetzle 101

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Let us sing the praises of spaetzle!

My friend Lucie has a really cute spaetzle book that I have long admired.

This book is in the shape of a spaetzle board. One of the methods of making the dumpling, with the board one can push the dough off the edge into boiling water. The illustrations below show some other methods and styles of making spaetzle.

The best method for me is the press in the first illustration. I invested in a press like that and haven't looked back. It gets a work-out and so do I as I push them through the press!

The book has many adorable illustrations, as well.

This illustration shows a chappy running for an outhouse and the caption says that it burns a second time with the paprika version.

Here are just some of the different kinds and ways to serve spaetzle. With paprika in the dough, in a mushroom sauce and with cabbage. This is just the start!

I made a tomato spaetzle with a paste I made from my garden Roma tomatoes. There was a good harvest and they were cooked down and added to the dough.

Here is my precious blue spaetzle press doing it's magic.

Press the dough into boiling water and wait for the dumplings to float to the top. I then strained them and put in a skillet. I add butter when I have the full batch and toast them in the skillet.

The tomato spaetzle was delicious with brats and more of the tomato sauce on the side. Don't forget to grate some cheese over the top.

....not to mention a nice local beer.

This is the spaetzle I would like to try next with autumn around the corner. Hey, maybe a pumpkin version they are coming out of the garden now....


  1. I am collecting all things related to the history of spaetzle and am working with a research Librarian Lynn Olver reference to that cute little bookhas me also really wanting a copy of it. I know you love your spatzle hobb but aren't they a mess to clean? Mary

  2. Thanks for your comments.

    I would love to have a copy of the book, as well. The book pictured belongs to my friend Lucie, who happens to be from Germany.

    Spaetzle press- To clean it I use a skewer to poke all the dough out of the holes and since mine is coated, I just wipe it down and put it in the dishwasher. It works fine!

  3. Hello Again!

    I talked to Lucie again and she said that the book in the shape of a board is out of print. She did find the book with more recipes in regular book form and it is link below.

    The books title is: Schwaebische Spaetzleskueche Author: Siegfried Ruoss