Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring in My Step!

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Here is the next installment from the British baking book. Going in order in the book had us waiting so long, as it is an Easter recipe. Also, Easter is later this year due to the moon's goings on. On further research I found that these biscuits are also called Sedgemoor Easter Cakes. These are very tasty morsels, do try them!

They were traditionally given at Easter time tied up in a stack of three, to represent the trinity.....If you are into that sort of thing.

Once again you should look at an earlier blog to remind yourself how to make mixed peel:

Preheat the oven to 200 C/ 400 F/ Gas Mark 6

Cream together:

125 g. butter, softened
75. g. sugar

Add the yolk of an egg and reserve the white. Give that a mix.

Sift together:
A good pinch of salt
A good pinch of baking powder.
small pinches of:
200 g. flour

Add this slowly to the wet mixture until it comes together.

Mix in:

2 heaping tsp. mixed peel
50 g. dried cherry, currant and sultana mixture

Incorporate the fruit well.

Roll out on a floured board to 5mm thick. Cut into rounds using a fluted cutter.

Place in the preheated oven and bake for about 10 min. total, or until firm and pale golden.

At about the 7 min. mark brush an egg white wash and sprinkle with sugar.

In my further research of these biscuits, it is also good to add cassia oil and/or a drizzle of brandy to the dough. Cassia oil was used to embalm the body of Jesus hence was used. A bit gruesome for me to think about...I will try to find some to use next time however. I will definitely be glugging some brandy in them next time!

Makes 16 biscuits

The mixed peel will come in handy for the next recipe in the book - Cornish Fairings.

****"He that eats till he is sick must fast till he is well." ~English Proverb****


  1. you are inspiring me, so I start making cookies first thing next morning!

  2. Hope they turn out really nice for you!