Thursday, May 5, 2011

Where Did She Get That Fabric?

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.....At the fabric store, of course. ;-)

To be more candid, the reference was to the clothespin bags I made. When I found out that I could hang my laundry outside to dry in a subdivision with covenants (laws over-riding HOA rules), I scrambled to get a line. I missed the freshness of that very much. Next was the wooden pegs, but where to put them...Off to the fabric store! I was delighted to find fabric samples the right size with a hanger included. Easy! Just whip the edges together on the machine, cut a hole,turn right side to, hem that hole, put back on the hanger and embellish. Voila! Barely any waste, just the bit of fabric left from cutting the hole. I'm sure those little bits could be used for something, as well. Oh, just thought what I could with that.

Here is what the first bags looked like:

Since then, the newer bags have a liner and a new way to keep them tightly on the hanger. I have many new ideas for embellishing them, coming up.

For the first generation of bags available for purchase at my new Etsy store, just click the pictures to the right.

I have been trying to perfect fabric baskets like the one I bought in France many years ago. I don't really have an official pattern for these, just a book with other types of fabric containers. Searching online one comes up with Hayden Pantierre, who I'm sure is a lovely woman, but I have zero interest in......

The lovely basket I bought in France in 2005:

Here is a newer one I made, almost what I'm looking for product:

This one shows just one of the ways to tie them.

The next basket will be tweeked enough to hopefully be the first one available for sale. Touch wood.....

For fear of sounding like Guy Fiere, this fabric came from the same place as the peg bags, except they are "off the hook." My thinking cap is on for what to do with the extra hangers. I do have a few ideas.

Theses baskets are great, because they can go flat for neat, stacked storage. You can put them to use for wrangling all sorts. They are good on the table for buns, biscuits, etc. etc. Here is an example of that:

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