Saturday, June 18, 2011

Forget Rain, it is Hail and Tears!

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This isn't Autumn and the leaves didn't turn colour before falling....HAIL!
This isn't Winter and the piles of white, cold stuff isn't snow....HAIL!
This is June thunderstorm season and we sometimes get HAIL!

Besides worrying about cars in such conditions, worry also goes to roofs, sometimes people and PLANTS! Just like this poor tomato plant. Those aren't aliens....Hopefully they are hail protection.

Just when we thought it was over.....MORE HAIL!

This time a bit more prepared.

Here is how garden 2011 is starting to shape up:

Shiso hiding under the picnic table from, you guessed it....HAIL! Also, we see an aubergine plant here.


Physalis, pumpkin and sage:

Thyme, asparagus peas, another aubergine, one of several tomato plants:

Rosemary, one of several tomatillo plants, lettuce, one of several cantaloupe plants:


Broad beans, peas, courgettes:

Cucumbers, one of several Japanese pumpkin plants, chard, coriander leaves

The rest of the garden besides vegetables:

I need to replant parsley, dill, and tarragon....Due to HAIL! I will write about my numerous pepper plants of many kinds later, the images didn't turn out right for this blog.

Thanks for viewing my garden update June 2011.

When one of my plants dies, I die a little inside, too. ~Linda Solegato

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