Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Using My Noodle, Part Deux

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Maybe the title should have been "Part Zwei," anyway.....The potato noodles have made a return. Just in time for near 90 deg. weather any time now! Lucie says this is an autumn and winter dish. I'm in Colorado and the nights can still be cool, so I get a pass. I'm sure it isn't a strict rule, otherwise she wouldn't have given me more sauerkraut.

Remind yourself how to make them in a previous blog that includes plenty of pictures:

This dish is not fussy and often times uses left-over ingredients. In fact it is the same as the recipe in the previous blog linked above. This is different in that it is a casserole and Gruyere cheese is added in layers and baked. One more difference is that the noodles aren't browned first. Here you see it with a bit of Germany in America, Lucie's barrel she brought from Germany. I thought it made a nice rustic backdrop for the rustic and very delicious dish.

This will be the official opening of summer for me. Ryan is fishing again and bringing us batches of lovely fish. Guess the waders he got for his birthday are going to workout just fine.


He's like wet sauerkraut in my hands. By morning he will be my slave. -Blazing Saddles

There is sauerkraut in my lederhosen. -Top Secret

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