Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kind Of Hard To Beat Brinner

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My Ryan brought a present home to me. Smoked duck breast from Choice City Deli here in Fort Collins. What a rare treat! We snacked on some and I plan to make a smoked duck breast/arugula pizza with three cheese cream sauce. Oh, but first, Smoked Duck Breast Eggs Benedict.

This time the sauce was Maltaise, from the mother sauce Hollandaise. Maltaise is made with blood oranges. Blood oranges are a mutation of sweet oranges, they contain anthocyanins. Anthocyanins is a pigment found in flowers and fruit, but not common to citrus fruit. Here is a word, or two about the health benefits of Blood oranges:

"Blood oranges’ red pigmentation contains anthocyanins, which are basic natural compounds that give color to fruits, plants and vegetables. Nutrition experts believe that anthocyanins have anti-inflammatory properties that affect the collagen, and are also good for preventing cancer, diabetes and bacterial infections, as well as reducing the risk of heart disease. Studies show that they also help against illnesses that come with age. Another one of the health benefits of blood oranges is that they help to defend blood vessels from oxidative damage. In addition, they help prevent LDL cholesterol accumulation. In general, the anthocyanin in blood oranges will help the body heal itself."

I had a few blood orange trees when I lived in California and used the fruit to make pink lemonade very frequently. Blood oranges originated in China and are most often grown in Italy now. In this recipe the variety is Moro.

Thanks Ryan!


"You got brinner? Daaaaaamn, Turkle Dog!" -Dr. Kelso

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