Tuesday, June 12, 2012

High and Dry

The High Park fire took everyone by surprise on Saturday, June 9th. I woke up after a good late sleep (I'm recovering from an infection of the face and cyst in my tear duct.) to this view:


By midday it was 97 deg. F, and at 7% humidity.

 Sunset the following day:

I can see only haze in that direction now. The smoke smell is in the air and some ash is collecting. The winds seem to be blowing the worse of it away from my part of South FoCo, at the moment. The fire is 5% contained and hopes are, that it will be 10% contained by tonight.  We need rain, but the forecast doesn't seem to co-operate with that.

A project that is finally getting started....Pathways in the veg garden!


This place really needed some taming, in comes the trailer of rocks.


Next is the other side of the garden....Weed....Landscape fabric....Spread rocks....Hopefully, not repeat for awhile.


"Sometimes, I guess there aren't enough rocks."  - Forrest Gump


  1. We really do need that rain!

    Man, do I hate moving rock, but it's always worth it. Your garden looks great.

  2. It is a bit smokier here today. I heard something about a chance for some rain soon.

    Yeah, rock moving is the pits. I have been waiting for these garden paths for awhile though.

    Thanks for stopping by.