Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

  Our neighbour pumpkin Totoro.  There was a Pinterest pin of an old favourite of my kids and myself. I had to carve this guy!

Besides making Totoro carvings.  I have made a delicious, Thai-style pumpkin soup.  The original recipe has butternut squash, which is called Butternut Pumpkin in certain places, Australia being one of those places where the recipe below comes from.  Anyway, I made this soup a bit different with what I had on hand, plenty of round, wonderful Pumpkin Pumpkins.  I used two oven-roasted cooking pumpkins. 

I visited the Asian store near my daughter's home in Albany, New York again. I found a few new things to me there. Here is the first - Fried shallot.  I was thinking a more refined version of the onions you can buy in an everyday grocer, and some people use in green bean casseroles.  The shallots in this bag were less salty than the mentioned onions.  While I was searching how to use these fried shallots in an asian dish, I found several recipes for this soup:

   Thai Pumpkin Soup w/ Spanner Crab 


I didn't hesitate to use our frozen red chili paste I grew and made.

The recipe says the toppings can include crab, or prawn....I used both, and why not?  Don't forget to sprinkle with the fried shallots, they are what brought us here in the first place.




Another favourite of the kids and myself, this one for Halloween



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