Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gossip Grove

Showing off another mug, and the gossip is, I've broken all the rules.  I've made a dessert from India with a British cuppa (PG Tips) and an Austrian wafer biscuit. It also isn't baking.   I did serve this after a good, hot Vindaloo. A saving grace?  It certainly was!

I've been wanting to use these delicious wafer biscuits in a food photo shoot for awhile now.  A gift from Lucie!  These really are light textured and delicious with ice cream.  They are addictive on their own, as well.

History of Carlsbad Oblaten

Discovery of the Year, 1787
Two centuries ago, when the United States was putting together a government of the people, European aristocrats, in their gilded world, were flocking to the "pearl" of the international spas at Carlsbad and discovering a new pastry phenomenon The Original Carlsbad Oblaten. It quickly became the favorite treat of continental high society.
The wafer's delicate crispness and subtle almond flavor proved to be a taste sensation in itself and a flavor complement to ice cream, fruit, coffee, tea, or milk. Its savor found favor as an elegant counterpoint to champagne, wine or liqueurs.
The wafers themselves are a compliment to their birthplace. Each one bears a relief design of the famous Carlsbad geyser, discovered in 1349 by no less a personage than Roman Emperor and Bohemian (Czech) King, Charles IV. The town was named in his honor; Carlsbad translates to "Carl's Bath".
For 200 years The Original Carlsbad Oblaten recipe has been a jealously guarded secret, held closely by one family in each generation.
The ingredients are all natural and all the same as when the Carlsbad Oblaten was first perfected. Two thin wafer rounds, exactly 17.5 centimeters across, fused and filled with a delicate confection of pounded almonds, unsalted butter, powdered sugar, and natural flavorings. No preservatives are used or needed.
The Original Carlsbad Oblaten remains a dessert delicacy whose flavor is as singular and distinctive as its history.
The legend, "ORIGINAL CARLSBAD OBLATEN" and the geyser design on every wafer are proof of authenticity. Every taste confirms that, even after 200 years, some things are very hard to improve upon.

I managed to make what was supposed to be an easy recipe into a less easy one.  I like it better......It isn't that much more difficult.


Mango Kulfi (ice cream)

5 mangos, prepared into puree
1 can sweetened condensed milk
2 egg yolks
1 c. half and half

Make a quick creme anglaise with the milky ingredients and the egg yolks.  The basic method is below in a video, adapt it to this recipe. Pour through a sieve, Cool. Whiz the mango in a blender with the creme anglaise.  You can run it through a sieve at this point or not, your choice.  Process in your ice cream maker.








  1. Where did you get your mug from I can't find it anywhere and really want it for someone!

  2. I bought it at Tesco a couple of years ago. I hope you can find one!