Monday, August 15, 2016

Chicken Milanesa Richardo

Hungry for Milanasa but not wanting another dish with tomato sauce, for the moment, this dish was created.  Chicken Milanesa Richardo.

The elements of the pan sauce version of Richardo Sauce include:

Sweet banana pepper rings and a few pepperoncini added, chopped onion, garlic butter, and white wine.

You will need:

4 chicken breast (remove silver skin and pound out flat).
A plate of seasoned flour (I season mine with salt, pepper and smoked paprika).
2 eggs with a tad of water beaten smooth.
 A plate full of panko that has been processed in a blender, into a smaller grit.
4 large sweet banana peppers
1 cup white wine
Juice of one lemon
Garlic butter made by grating 4 cloves of garlic into 1/2 c. butter (melt cooking the garlic a bit).
A few handfuls of flour.

For the sauce start by softening the onions and peppers in a tad bit of olive oil (do this slowly and on med. heat). Coat the veg with a few handfuls of flour, brown the flour a bit. Stir in the garlic butter.  Next add the wine and lemon juice, thicken into a sauce. 

Handle the chicken as you would do for any breaded application- You know the drill- flour, egg wash, then crumbs.  Fry until golden, then drain.

It is nice served on a bed of wilted greens with the sauce dolloped on the side of the chicken.

Some people like a flash of red pepper flakes on the Richardo Sauce, as well.


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