Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine Springerle

Yes, the blog is still going after a long break.  The best way to restart this thing is with a sweet treat.  I missed the traditional, German Christmas boat to make Springerle biscuits.  After looking for a press to make these biscuits, there was a bit of sticker shock.  The wooden presses are so elegant, but pretty dear to purchase. 

The idea of a Valentine biscuit took hold.  Springerle biscuits can be made weeks in advance, they are actually better with a bit of age.  

The search for heart themes were not completely unfruitful, but again expensive.  Then, I can across Chinese moon pie presses being advertised for cookie presses. They are plastic, but fairly cheap.  The thought being, I can give the inexpensive route a go and if I get good at making the biscuits, then invest in beautiful wood presses and collect them.
Just a casual trip to a home goods store and the inexpensive, interchangeable silicone stamps with a wooden handle were found.  A Valentine theme?  Even better!

I used the recipe in the first video below:


Rolled out my dough.

The first trick to getting a good impression, is copiously flouring the stamp.  I found that letters need the most finesse.

Ok, the reason for the blog grinding to a halt for awhile.  I have a new grand biscuit stamper.

For my designs a good ole pint glass made a great cutter for the larger ones.  I cider sample glass was best for the smaller designs.

Another of the important tricks to keep your design after baking is to dry the pressed, and cut dough.  The best results are after 24 hours.

Pleased with how they turned out, there will be vigorous hunts at charity shops and online for wooden presses.  I saw some really nice celtic designs that could be saved for.

                                                They look great all packaged up for gift giving!


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