Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Chuck Norris doesn't blog......

I've been making cards, as well as scrapbooks. It seems there are quite a few birthdays in May and April. Here is my brother's birthday card. He has a resemblance to Chuck Norris, at least in these pictures, so that made for an easy theme. I have my brother's permission to use the pictures on this blog.

If you can't quite see it, the front says: "Chuck Norris doesn't wear motorcycle helmets....The concrete scoots out of the way."

Inside it says: "Chuck Norris doesn't have birthdays....Birthdays have Chuck Norris."

Enough Chuck Norris jokes already!

1 comment:

  1. I love your scrapbooking and crafting. The card turned out great...he does look like Chuck Norris ! :o)

    I made my grandson Yellow Power Ranger card for his birthday. (It's on Thursday.)
    I think it is fun to make my own cards...they seem more personal, to me anyway.
    One of my friends scrapbooks all of the cards and photos I send her. LOL They seem to have a long shelf life. :o)

    Have a great day, Marcie !! :o)