Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Scrappy Favours

This is the title page and the start of a favour I am doing for some friends that visited York, England. They want me to use the pictures they took and make a scrapbook for them. I love to scrapbook, so it is no problem for me! I have never been to York, as of yet, but after this scrapbook I am looking forward to a trip there myself. Doing this project I find myself researching and finding out things I didn't know. I learned the original Roman name for York in AD 71 was Eboracum then, the Angles called it Eoforwic, then after taking over in 866 the Vikings called the city Jorvik. The name slowly evolved into the name we know today- York.

I am using postage stamps and vintage postcards that reflect the images taken by my friends.

Below is Clifford's Tower and it is a stone quatrefoil keep and has been rebuilt a couple times. Many Jews took their own lives here in 1190 rather than face a violent mob in an event regarded as one of the most notorious examples of antisemitism in medieval England.

I'm off now to find more nuggets of information about York....It is a walled city, The Shambles, York Minster....Having never been there, this could be called scrapping in reverse.

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