Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Here is the Mother's Day report a few days later.

First, I made raspberry and chocolate chip scones, with bacon and Mimosas. They cleaned the mess - SORTA! Caitlin gave me a gift of a book and tea cups. The boys worked hard in the garden, I said I wanted more raised beds to plant in for my present. I turned my back and to go scrapbook in my room...when I came downstairs to look at the Robin's nest (more to follow in another post soon) on the front porch- Voila I found this:

For dinner we went for Ethiopian food at Nyala, here in town. It was Cait's 21st b-day the next day, so a Mother's Day/birthday combined dinner seemed the thing to do (she has finals this week as well, so no time to party really.) The pictures below are from a previous trip to the restaurant, as I left the camera home for once. :-)

I had Addis Tej, which is a honey/hop wine. It is sweeter than wine I usually drink but compliments the food rather well. There was a lovely bread with a spiced, peppery sauce to start us off. We all shared:

-Gomen (Fresh marinated collard greens)
-Fosolia (Flavorful fresh green beans and carrots)
-Yebeg Alicha
Fresh tender pieces of lamb, marinated in Ethiopian white wine and cooked with onions, olive oil, green peppers and seasoned with garlic, ginger, rosemary and turmeric.
-Duba Wot (Butternut Squash stew)
Butternut squash flavored with spiced red pepper sauce with onions, garlic, ginger, and assorted Ethiopian spices.
-Yekik Alicha (Yellow split peas)
-Doro Tibs (chicken) sauteed with olive oil, onions, garlic, tomatoes, green peppers, spiced butter and assorted Ethiopian spices.
Siga Wot (beef) marinated and stewed with onions, spiced butter, cardamom, ginger, red peppers and Ethiopian spices.

All of this served on injera, with rolled injera on the side to pick-up the dishes. It was quite a feast between the 5 of us. I had left-overs for lunch. Ryan and Sean had never been to an Ethipoian and they were quite happy and their eyes as big as saucers when the tray was brought out. I think I will order "hot" next time as it was quite mild, flavourful but mild heat.

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  1. What a wonderful Mother's Day for you ! Hope Caitlin had a wonderful birthday !!
    My son and his older daughter, Abby were both born on Father's Day, 29 years apart. :o)

    I haven't tried Ethiopian food before. I don't think there is a restaurant around here that serves it. The food sound delicious !
    I love your photos.

    Have a lovely week, Marcie !