Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back from Missouri and Harvesting Rs!

We have just recently been to Missouri to visit rellies and attend the wedding of my niece Megan (Who is a year older than my daughter Caitlin.)

Can you say bloody HUMID and hot, but mostly HUMID! It was terrible and it is only June, just imagine how August may be there.....Even though we were driving up I-25 surrounded by tornado warnings and threats of golf ball sized hail and a spectacular 360 deg. lightning show, we were very happy to get back home to Colorado.

A common sight in St. Louis is the Cardinal, we don't see them here in Colorado. This couple was brave enough to get seeds off the deck where we were staying. They are tricky to get pictures of though.

I managed to get a few sunflower pics for my Flickr friend Kathy, who loves Sunflowers:

Kathy these were taken at my sister's B&B, or at her house at Rhineland, Missouri.

...And finally a wedding picture- AHOOGA!

Back home to see the garden that Lucie lovingly watered for me while away- Thanks again Lucie! Harvesting Rs today....Rocket for my British friends (Roquette for the French friends, Rauke for the German friends....What can I say Arugula doesn't work for the theme....) and Radishes. I made some Rocket Pesto and garnished with the colourful radishes. "O" and the onions are from the garden, as well. :-)

I made this much the same way one would make basil pesto, but instead of toasted pine seeds, I used toasted pumpkin seeds.

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  1. Yum Yum ! to the roasted sunflower seeds and the Pesto. I love pesto, but I am the only one who eats it here. :o)
    My cousin Sherry, in Vermont makes it and usually sends me a jar at the end of summer. :oP

    The sunflowers are are so lucky !
    Thanks for sharing them !
    I just found out that the field down the road from where I live, where I usually shoot sunflowers, is planted in soybeans this year...I guess it is the plant rotation thing. :o( I am disappointed, because I had easy access to the field. :o(

    Now, I need to find another field to photograph. They are going to bloom later this year, because of the colder and wetter spring.
    I have one coming up in my garden. It was from seeds I collected from last years sunflowers.

    Blessings to your niece and her hubby !

    Have a wonderful weekend, Marcie !