Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A few updates with pictures:

First the baby birds.

The last picture is the last time they were all in the nest together....Three of them fly out, as I was taking the pictures.

And then there was one....A day later, there were none. But they are still staying very close to the house. We have seen them in various places in the front garden. A couple were on one of the currant bushes. One on a box my son left on the front porch after a drive-in movie visit (It didn't eat the popcorn). One of them was on an open ladder, it made a cute picture! Within a matter of days they look like the last 2 pictures. I saw a parent feed one in it's outpost. I suspect they won't be around much longer though.

Next update is the garden, just a few of the plants starting to thrive:


  1. The mosaics are wonderful, Marcie !

    Thanks for sharing the updates on the baby birds, too ! :o)

    Have a great weekend !

  2. Thanks Kathy. My garden update was cut short by some untimely news...will talk about the garden later. :-)