Friday, June 26, 2009

Moving Pictures

I have a hobby that some of my friends don't relate to. All the same there are those that do relate. The name for this hobby is called benching (although most of the flicks I get are not moving), I like to take flicks (photographs) of the art I find. I collect these flicks and compare them to what others have found on the freight cars across the USA (usually via Flickr.) I like to see the moving art and the progression it makes through the country. Here is an example of the movement of a car in California, New Hampshire and my flick of the same art in Colorado:

It is also cool to focus on certain artists, and learn where they originate. I have several favourites which I will slowly highlight. My very fav is SOLO of the AIP (Art is Power) crew. This art originates from Minnesota, and I received an email from the artist thanking me for making a group on Flickr of his art. These portraits pop off the cars and the eyes are haunting, my heart races upon finding this particular artist's work!

Introducing SOLO:

I don't do the painting myself, but would like someone to do a BADWOLF mural in honour of Doc Who. Here is hoping SOLO sees this.

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