Monday, August 24, 2009

Play it again Samuel....

....In this case, make and eat it again. The Mendocinas were so good I made them again, but with a different dough. I had left-over filling, as well. Is this a first? A blog about left-overs? Well, these are well worth it.

More Piononos as well. Ham, cheese and green olives were the filling in the thin rolled cake this time. Don't forget the Coke and Fernet to wash it all down with a smile.

Here is another repeat from the weekend, This time however we went to Brazil (in our heads) Caipirinha, you say it like this- kay-peer-reen-ya. How do I know? It says so on the bottle, this was even before I sampled the drink. This drink is simple and rustic. It consists of lime, Cachaca ( a little bottle told me it is pronounced Ka-sha-sa), cane sugar, and crushed ice. Simple, done! This leaves more time to drink and be refreshed on a hot day. A small note, Cachaca is made from freshly pressed sugarcane, kinda like rum but different.

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  1. Yummy ! I haven't tried any of this, but it looks and sounds delicious ! :o)