Monday, August 31, 2009


Chris is so inspired about going to Argentina, he painted this for me. I love the vibrant colours and it reminds me of photographs I have seen of La Boca in Buenos Aires. Brightly coloured buildings with couples putting on a Tango show. Here is a good idea of what I mean:

Thanks Chris it is very special and I will always cherish it.

I was playing with soy wrappers today, after making several different flavours of ice cream. This is what I came up with. I want to do this again, but a few extra tweaks to make them even better and neater. The flavours of ice cream are; Roasted Banana, Red Bean and Green Tea.


  1. The painting is really beatiful. I love the colors!
    I like the presentation of the ice cream a lot. I wonder how the red bean ice cream tastes. Did you use a Parfait base for the ice cream?

  2. I just used the Creme Anglaise recipe in me head, but with more egg yolks to make it a thicker custard- like frozen custard. One of my ideas for a neater roll is to make an ice cream tube with wax paper and freeze it harder in that form. Then, I will roll the soy wrapper around that. I will also cut them with a hot knife. I will give myself more time, the next time.

  3. Oh and the red bean ice cream is a favourite around here! I will bring some to you sometime.