Friday, January 29, 2010

No Bombilla Needed

This blog includes a recipe that is part inspiration, part celebration.

The inspiration comes from another blog that I found while researching Argentina. My daughter spent 5 months at Argentina in a study abroad program (she wrote a blog.) She is home now and I am home now, thus the celebration. Both blogs are found linked to the side of this blog....Over there and scroll down a bit------->

Yerba Mate' is extensively enjoyed in areas like Argentina and Paraguay. There is a particular culture surrounding the drinking of it. Yerba Mate' is usually shared and passed around a group of people. Everyone partakes in the dried leaves that were steeped in hot water. The vessel that holds it is usually made of a gourd (mate' means gourd), that is seasoned with the tea. There is a special straw called a bombilla that filters the leaves. Mate' is known to help in weight loss and also has as much caffeine as coffee.

The gardener in me wants you to know that Yerba Mate' is a species of holly. It grows in the form of a shrub, or a short tree. It is found growing in sub-tropical rainforests.

The pastry chef in me wants you to try this:

Yerba Mate' Frozen Custard

1 pt. ½ & ½ or whole milk
1 pt. heavy cream
3 0z. Yerba Mate'
3 oz. Sugar
5 ea. Eggs yolks

Heat half and half, cream and Yerba Mate' leaves. Let steep until flavors are transfered, strain. Temper in yolks and sugar. Put back on flame and stir constantly over medium heat until sauce is nappé consistency. Strain. Cover directly with plastic wrap. Chill over an ice bath. Process in an ice cream maker....I use a Donvier.

My frozen custard is paired with, well uh.....Pears. After some pairing research I also found that Yerba Mate' is good with hops and/or chocolate. I did both! The pears were caramelized with ale and then baked with a oatmeal crumble. This is all finished off with hot, dark chocolate sauce. The flavors developed slowly on the palate and merged quite nicely.

On another note, an update on knitting projects. I have been playing with the yarn I bought in the UK on looms. You can see the details about the wool in a previous blog and in a future blog you can see the finished projects.


  1. As always, that dessert looks delicious !

    The bright yarn is gorgeous.
    Playing with looms ? :o)
    I am having so much fun making slipper socks for my grandchildren this week and adding personal touches to them.
    Mr. P's are a smokey denim and black yarns (think Batman), knitted together on a mitten-size loom, because of his skinny feet. I am thinking of embroidering a black bat on the side of each one. :o)

    Can't wait to see your finished project, Marcie.
    Have a fun weekend !

  2. Thanks!

    I am "playing" with the wool and loom, in that I don't have a pattern. Hence, I had to order more wool from the UK, as i had no plan and ran out. I will see about getting a book so I too can make projects like you make. :-)

  3. I like being able to play with these looms...for me, I can visualize things finished much easier with the looms than with a couple knitting needles. :o)

    Try looking for patterns on the internet...I have found free ones, by typing in Free Loom Knitting Patterns.

    I just found the nicest wooden looms that have nylon pegs. The pegs are so close together you can use thin fine cotton or wool to make standard socks.
    Here is the link to one that is adjustable for making baby-size socks to socks for an adult male.

    I want this loom so badly !!
    I have added to the top of my wish list:

    There are patterns for free at the site, too.
    And the owner sells books, available on Amazon, that I have added to my wish list, also.

    Have fun, Marcie !!