Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jam Thumbprints and Another Idea

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Another cookie that isn't traditionally for Christmas, but I brought to the table at this time of year. It helps that I included a Christmas treat into the mix with my little twist. Here is the entry from the British baking book, but I used my trusty sugar cookie recipe.

Next time I will plan ahead and make some homemade jam just for these. The jam I did make this year wasn't really suited for this recipe.

I didn't plan enough ahead for these either, in years past while in Britain I macerated some goodies and made my own mincemeat. It is difficult to get some of the ingredients stateside....Even buying this jar of mincemeat from Britain was quite dear. Anyway, these turned out pretty nice.


"I once bought my kids a set of batteries for Christmas with a note on it saying, toys not included." -Bernard Manning

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