Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cornwall Adventure Part 2 - Port Isaac

Dreams do come true! Here is proof! I visited Port Isaac the place of Doc Martin. It is called Port Wenn in the best ever television series.

It all started with a spin-off from the movie Saving Grace. Martin Clunes playing the doctor in both series. Doctor Martin Ellingham in the telly series, the towns people calling him Doc Martin much to his dismay. Doc Martin is a cantankerous, hemophobic doctor/surgeon. His hemophobia sending him back to Port Wenn of his youth, he had been a top surgeon in London. His fate is to be a GP now, much to his irritation! Even though he is afraid of blood, he always delivers proper healthcare and comes through in an emergency. LOVE IT!

Plenty of fishing happens here.

Wandering the close knit streets....

A few miles out of town is Auntie Joan's house and farm in the show:

The police station in the show and also the oldest building in Port Isaac. One of the officers was a narcoleptic, agoraphobic....HA HA! LOVE IT!

Grouchy Doc Martin hates dogs around him.

I found this an ironic sign in town. In real life, Martin Clunes loves dogs. LOVE IT!

Miss Glasson's schoolhouse in the show.

Old pictures showing Port Isaac's lifeboats coming through the streets, with the whole town coming out to help. You could see rope marks on the building walls from this procedure.


Bringing in the day's catch....

Fern Cottage is Doc Martin's Surgery in the show.

This is the building that plays the Chemist in the show.

As in the show, cars have fun navigating the tight streets in Port Isaac. We saw several cases of this. LOVE IT!

This is Bert's restaurant in the show:

This is a few miles away from Port Isaac and called Port Quinn. It is the tower in the last episode of Doc Martin, watch the show to see what I mean. I had to take the picture frm the tour van, sorry it isn't better, but means a great deal to me.

It is said that the show had it's last episode ever, and that was the original intention. Our tour guide rumours that the show will continue for another series.....We shall see.

-Dr. Martin Ellingham: [Recurring, exasperated phrase] "It's not my dog."

-Dr. Martin Ellingham: "Bert, it's been a long day. Take two aspirin and insult me in the morning."

-Joan Norton: "Look, Marty, you do realise that the villagers are dusting off their pitchforks, don't you? "
Dr. Martin Ellingham: "Yes. Exactly how many generations ago did the inbreeding start with these people? "

-Patient: "And you reckon these will work, do you?"
Dr. Martin Ellingham: "No - I just prescribe them for fun."

- Dr. Martin Ellingham: "All right, Caroline, I'm going to give you an injection.
Danny Steel: [gets down on one knee, hands clasped together] "I'm saying a prayer for you, Caroline."
Dr. Martin Ellingham: [eyeing Danny] "Just a little prick."


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