Sunday, March 4, 2012

Snowdrop Time!

Hello and here is a postcard, so to speak/write from Shropshire.

After a cold and snowy first few weeks, we had some lovely days out.

First, I personally had to check and see how Ironbridge was doing. I finally saw the face that Cliff is always on about. I was always looking at the wrong spot to see it. It only took almost 10 years for me see. There, can you see it?

I was happy to find a slightly used couch for the Fabulous Baker Brothers to use. ;-)

Lucie should have been here to taste Camra beers at the brewery, antique shopping at the Merry Thoughts centre.

Next stop- Shrewsbury

We went straight to the Wyle Cop area of Shrewsbury on a misson to find a fabric store that sold patterns. We were told that the store would be here. They said, Wyle Cop across the English bridge. No fabric store here....

We did stop at this church, one of us busting for the loo....Won't mention names. (whisle and shuffle.)

This was an interesting church with beautiful windows and history. It is often a victim of river Severn floods.

After, walking and asking all over town...We were on the other side of town near the Frankwell bridge almost ready to give up on sewing. I saw an old stopping ground, a curry shop, next door was the fabric shop! Lovely! I got what I needed and we were walking to get the train back home.

....Oh, but first a pub stop. This is a good one, Camra brews and CIDER.

Did I ever mention, I love Shrewbury!

There are Crocus flowers in bloom, many different colours and all over the place. Dafs are coming along next.

Maple Walnut Biscuits

4 oz. butter
4 oz. muscavado sugar
3 tsp. maple syrup
vanilla essence
5 oz. flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1 cup walnuts, chopped

Melt butter, sugar, syrup. Cool slightly. Add vanilla and dry ingredients. Mix well. Roll into balls of desired size. Then flatten slightly. Bake at 180 c., or gas mark 4 for 10-15 min.

I have been enjoying cooking with walnuts. Even thought they are not in season...I have an audience here that like them as much as I do. There will be a few walnut recipes in the near future.

Stay tuned for a journey to Stafford soon.


It's rather dark in the earth today
said one little bulb to another,
But, they felt a sunbeam's ray
So, they nestled close to each other
And they struggled and they toiled
By day and by night
'Til two little snowdrops in green and white
came out of the darkness and into the light
and gently kissed one another.

-This was told to me by Jack. He was taught to recite it as a child.

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