Monday, June 29, 2015

A Feastival - Shrewsbury

We arrived to the beginning of the queue, without having had a brekie.  The only thing propelling us forward was a cup of coffee.  An announcer came over the tannoy that marked the beginning of the food fest!
True to the name food festival, there was food everywhere.  Much to our empty tum's delight, there were ample samples.

 Although a bit early (Well, it was a one off), we didn't say no to various samples of cider, beer, liquours, perry, mead....

The only thing missing here was demos of cider being made in stages, like we saw in Ludlow.

We filled up on lovely cheeses stacked on crackers and bread of all types.

There were meats preserved and cooked.  One butcher providing zebra, ostrich and other game samples.

Olive oils, and flavoured oils were savoured.  The garlic Rapeseed oil was a favourite.

Jams, jellies and chutneys gallore, again plenty of samples!  

 Sweets next!  I'm glad we skipped breakfast.

 British farm animals on display. The British Lop pigs were having a kip when we saw them.

A Great Berwick cow was very attentive to her new calf.

I didn't expect to see John Challis (Boysie from OFAH), but there he was.

 By 2pm it was quite a crowd, and the sun was getting hot....We had done the circuit, well full and happy.  Our advice is to arrive early with an appetite.  I would like to see more demos and I noticed the Slow Food movement was missing. It is a rather large and less intimate festival compared to Ludlow, but samples were more free flowing.  Having said that the Shrewsbury Food Festival was a great day out and will give you a good overview of the food scene in Britain.

For a few more views visit my Flickr album dedicated to the day.


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