Sunday, June 28, 2015


I ran across some new to me fruit to try, as it turns out this one called Granadilla is a sort of Passion fruit. Granadilla, a South American native is also known as Sweet Granadilla, Lemi Wai Lani wai, and Lemona. Other fruits of this family are Maracuja, Feijoa and the regular Passion fruit we all know and love.   Commonly, Granadilla is eaten straight up, but can be nice in jellies, pies, frostings, cocktails and fruit salads.  Granadilla is rich in fiber, calcium, Iron, Niacin, Phosphorus, Potassium and vitamins; C, A, K.

To prepare cut in half to reveal the pulp and edible seeds.

Scoop out the lot, but leave the tough skin behind.

After cutting it open, I wasn't surprised that the fruit tasted of Passion fruit.  I found the Granadilla to be milder than Passion fruit, however.  There wasn't a strong, lingering fruity taste. The seeds although still digestible were larger and had a harder shelled. 

Granadilla was very nice topping a basic custard.  I focused on the pulp and juice more than the seeds in this pudding.  



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