Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Golden Pitaya

Another fruit I recently tried is a Golden Pitaya.  After research and opening I found it is a golden version of dragonfruit.  I could imagine a delicious salsa made from this epiphytic cactus.  There are many health benefits of Pitaya, such as it is high in fiber, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, phytoalbumins and lycopene.

I scored the flesh in a crosshatch, then a centre cut, finishing by scooping it out.  There are numerous ways to prepare this fruit. Check these recipes out.

My cubes featured in a melon salad, with mint ribbons.

This salad is a good side to a cheese platter.

Our cheese du jour was Hereford Hop. An old friend from The Clive days! The sharp cheese with the bitter hops balanced nice with the natural, light sweetness of the fruit.

Hops and from Hereford coat a cheese from Gloucestershire to make Hereford Hop Cheese.


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