Saturday, July 3, 2010

Minty Fresh, Syrupy Sweet

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Using the mint in the backyard is long overdue. We make mojitos with the spearmint and tea with the peppermint, but this time they were made into syrups, three different ones, that can last for enhancing tea, lemonade, or desserts. The lemon balm was very good, in particular! I also like how the different mints make different colours of syrup.

Wash the leaves (about the amount you see in the each bouquet above), break them up and add to equal parts sugar and water (in this case 2 cups of each), in a large pot. Heat this slowly to just boiling, stir to help dissolve the sugar. Let this mixture steep for approximately an hour. Strain. Then, either refrigerate, or process in a hot water bath in jars. This made 3- 8 oz. jars for each recipe.

I bought some green fabrics to decorate the jars. Some of the fabrics inspired a few other projects coming up soon.

A few views from the garden.

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