Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bubble, Bubble - No Toil, or Trouble

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We visited my favourite Asian import store in Fort Collins again. A goody we focused on this time is tapioca. Tapioca is made from a root called by many different names- cassava, boba and Yuca are just a few of the names it goes by. Tapioca can come in different forms, such as the pearl form used in today's blog. Later, we will make a traditional Chinese cookie from tapioca starch. I already have my goldfish mould! I also have a bag of yellow pearls to make a mango pudding....Stay tuned for those treats.

Anyway, we made the usual Bubble tea with green tea tapioca pearls. That was a refreshing and a chewy treat, but below you will see the same green tea and green tea "bubbles" in the form of a jelly (gelatin).

We just added gelatin sheets to lightly sweetened green tea and added the cooked pearls. Let it set and garnish with powdered sugar and Matcha. I thought the arugula flowers were a pretty addition too.

More garden views to enjoy.

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