Thursday, July 15, 2010

Currantly Vodka Sorbet

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Currently our Golden Flowering Currant bushes are producing lovely, plump berries. I have several things planned for them as they keep ripening. Sean and I picked the best berries yesterday for some sorbet. We picked about a quart.

Puree the currants and strain, add a squirt of lemon juice and a small spoon of corn syrup (small crystals for a creamier sorbet). To make the sorbet, add simple syrup until an egg floating in the mixture only revels a nickel sized portion of itself above the liquid. This will measure the brix units (amount of dissolved sugar in a solution) without buying an expensive meter. This will make a nicer sorbet with smaller crystals! It will also insure that there isn't too much, or too little sugar thus making freezing easier, or harder, as the case my be. I lived dangerously and added 2 shots of vodka (It will take longer to freeze, or if there is too much it won't freeze at all- mine did). You can just splash some vodka in the mixture to be safe. After you have the right amount of sugar in your mix, taste and adjust the lemon juice. I usually use a Donvier ice cream maker, there are other makers out there.

I am including a link to another method for making sorbet that I hope to try soon:

What will I make with the currants next? Check back soon! I will also add more information about the particular currants I am growing.

Cait here are some images of your green zinnias, the green marigolds haven't opened yet.

I've been seeing many creatures around the garden.

More views of Lucie's garden! She grows more than pink and purple petunias. :-)

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