Sunday, November 28, 2010

Highlight Shrewsbury

Destination Shrewsbury, England!

Pulling into the station:

Ancient Britons called this place Penngwern meaning, "the Alder hill," and Anglo Saxons knew it as Scrobbesburh, "fort in scrub-land region." It became known as Sciropscire, "Shropshire." This changed over the years to Schrosberie and then to SHREWSBURY.

Shrewsbury- A medieval market town near the Welsh borders and in the county of Shropshire. The birthplace of Charles Darwin. Internationally known for beautiful flower shows. The river Severn loops Shrewsbury making for lovely walks and interesting bridges.

I heart Shrewsbury!

A foggy sort of day:

Shrewsbury castle:

Leaving through the gates at Shrewsbury castle:

All around Shrewsbury:

The Shuts:

The shuts are a throw back to the medieval days, how the town was first planned.

A maze of alleys through-out town connecting streets.

English Bridge:

Children In Need time!

A benefit held annually for needy children.

Getting ready for Christmas:

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