Friday, November 12, 2010

More Touring- Norfolk, UK

An iconic view of Norfolk has to be the windmills. The windmill pictured below is called Horsey Windpump in the village of Horsey, near Great Yarmouth. This windmill is a grade II listed structure in the care of the National Trust. The windmill was working until it was struck by lightning in 1943. It was restored in 1948 by the National Trust.

The inner and outer workings of the windmill:

The windmill is open to climb to the top which has a very small deck to view The Broads. The Broads are a network of rivers and lakes in Norfolk and Suffolk counties in England.

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Speaking of The Broads. Near Caister-On-Sea, we took a boat ride to see birds in sanctuary, A lovely, relaxing ride to look for elusive and rare birds.

...And speaking Caister-On-Sea, to the beach!

Great Yarmouth with a pier and market is a great day out just strolling the beach:

Here is a series of pictures from a canal- Potter-Heigham with plenty of boating action, not to mention fishing.

The reeds used for thatched roofs most commonly come from Norfolk. Here is a sample being used for a fence.

A drive-by photo of another windmill someplace in Norfolk:

A house that is the setting of one of my favourite television shows on The Beeb- 'Kingdom' with the wonderful Steven Fry. The house is located in the town of Swaffham. I was chuffed to see this! There is also a picture of the pub across the street that they use for the show, not sure what happened, but will add that later.

Edited to add pub picture:

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