Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Albany Experience

Not far from the capital building, declared a National Historic Landmark in 1979 and the wonderful square around it. Taking in all it had to offer; museum, sculpture, also to the top of a skyscaper to get an overview.

The capital building and courtyard:

The building was the third capital building for New York state and was built between 1867-1899.

To the top of a nearby skyscaper:

Overview of the Governor's mansion:

A typical Albany view from above, including the Hudson river:

Some of the sculpture, this reminded me of Stonehenge a bit:

The New York State Museum:

Located opposite across from the Capital building, this museum had a touching tribute of 911, with actual items from the site.

In a neighbourhood to one side of the square was a great Mexican restuarant with Mexican and Spanish dishes.

At El Mariachi I had the Pollo Al Ajillo, a chicken dish with garlic and wine sauce and saffron rice. The salsa and chips to start were nice indeed.

Right next door was the much awaited Cheesecake Machismo for dessert. This place has strange hours so we only managed to visit once....Not for a lack of trying. The cheesecake on offer changes for daily specials and costs $5 for a slice and a drink. The cheesecake featured below is the Caramel and Toffee that often is on the menu, with good reason.

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