Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dried Banana Blossoms, or Are They?

Ah, that brings back memories of my middle child, when he loved that show. We still have a  stuffed toy that sings that song, it still works!  

I found these dried blossoms in Albany, NY, at that same Asian market mentioned before.  After doing some research, it seems they may really be lilies.  

"Along with a sprig of oregano, bulaklak ng saging (banana blossoms) is one of the most important ingredients in cooking paksiw na pata ng baboy (pork knuckle stew). Bulaklak ng saging gives the dish a distinct aroma and flavor. But, how many of us know what it really is?"
"In an article published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Dorothy MJ Ferreira of Dorothy’s Cooking School in Quezon City, refers to bulaklak ng saging as banana blossoms. However, in many recipes from different websites, local and foreign, it appears that banana blossoms refer to what is locally known as puso ng saging, a vegetable often cooked with gata (coconut milk) and which is an ingredient of kare-kare."
"As far as I know, bulaklak ng saging are dried lily buds. They do not come from the banana plant."

I'm still trying to find out the true story of this.  Watch this space!

Banana blossom, or lily aside.  This little package of dried blossoms added quite a bit to the stew I made.  It connected the ingredients into a thick, gooey gravy coating the tender pork.  The flavour is unique, as well.  It had a subtle nutty flavour, subtle roasted banana taste and a full mouth feel.   

This is the basic recipe used.  I couldn't get pork leg however.  I substituted a pork roast, but have hopes to find a pork leg to try it again.  Even if I don't find a leg, I will make this again, it is gorgeous!   

Welcome to the tomato forest.

We are getting tomatoes and all.  This heirloom variety is called "Bloody Butcher," maybe they can get me some pork leg?

The blue morning glories are not blooming yet, these are pretty though.......

The autumn/winter crops I started.

"His venture sounds like a banana peel awaiting its victim."
-Charlotte Curtis

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