Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Flaedle Madness Day One

We have been having some flaedle/crepes lately. I will tell you about it between loads of laundry.  The first dish is Pfannkuchen, a German crepe casserole.  The filling in ours last night was chicken and chard.  The picture is a previous dinner, it had chicken and spinach for the filling (I was too busy enjoying the meal to take pictures last night).   I grated Gruyere over the top last night too.  Basically, you can roll flaedle around the filling and put them in a casserole dish.  Next, you can top with cheese. Bake to cook the chicken and make it warm and melty about 20 minutes at 350 deg.  Then, top with warm caramelised onions.  Delicious!     


Garden views: 1. We will have plenty of Thai chillis to make some paste for our frequent Thai meals. 2. The hop plant is going crazy on the new trellis made for it, more beer to be made! 3. Black Krims, one of my favourites. 4. These really need to be planted!

We had plenty of apples this year. I made filling for; pies, flaedles, muffins, strudel, etc., etc. I had to make some apple butter too.


I got to see Alison Krauss and company in concert. Bohemian Nights in Fort Collins just gets better and better.

Alison's angelic voice:

Highlighting Dan and Ron of Union Station

Featuring Jerry Douglas


"Being in the studio is a really romantic time."
-Alison Krauss

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